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Know How Much You Pay in Lottery Games Online

Online gambling is no longer unhappy for the people of Indonesia. The Lottery betting game is an extension of Dark Toto where the game is closely related to the calculation of numbers and formulas to predict the numbers that will appear. Maybe some of you who are reading this article already know how to play.

Through this article, the administrator intends to help you know better how to play Lottery Online. This tutorial will obviously be very useful for those of you who are interested in registering and entering the world of online gaming.

Getting started How to play online Lottery Gambling

If you want to start the Online Gambling Lottery game, the main step you should look for in an official and trusted website is one of them. We are an online betting agent that offers various types of gambling games such as Ball, Casino, Cockfighting, Poker and Lottery.

You must then register / register, if in this section you are dizzy and not good to register, you can come to livechat to ask the administrator for help to register.

Procedure to play Indonesian online lottery bets
As the subject of this discussion, the administrator will take a sample of one of Lottery known sites. The types of lottery provided include Singapore Lottery, Sydney, Hong Kong and Magenum, of course, the opening and closing times are different, as well as the results that come out.

Types of types of bets in the Lottery online lottery
For those of you who already understand this game, of course, they have no difficulty installing it here. Here the administrator will explain in more detail to lottery lovers.

1. How to play 4D Lottery - 3D - 2D

This type of bet is highly sought after by punters, where the number of prizes offered is the main factor. The 4D - 3D - 2D betting game requires you to guess the possibility of numbers that will go where you can put 2 numbers (2D), 3 numbers (3D) and 4 numbers (4D).

How to install 2D 3D 4D lottery
output example number 1245
install it for 4D (4D: IDR 20,000 x 3000 (prize) = IDR 60,000,000)
install it for 3D (3D: IDR 30,000 x 400 (prize) = IDR 12,000,000)
install it for 2D (2D: IDR 50,000 x 70 (prizes) = IDR 350,000)

If the problem number is 5284, then:
- 4D: lose
- 3D: IDR 30,000 x 400 (prize) = IDR 12,000,000
- 2D: IDR 50,000 x 70 (prize) = IDR 350,000

If the problem number is 9784, then:
- 4D: lose
- 3D: lost
- 2D: IDR 50,000 x 70 (prize) = IDR 350,000

You need to know if you want to place the lottery not a complete nominal example: Rp.100,000, - fill the column with 100 and so on with other bets.


2. How to Play Fog Lottery Free

Free lottery lottery games only install one number that is different from other lottery variants. How to play this free plug is very easy where you only place one number that will be considered in the lottery market that you play, for example you put number 2 with a bet value of 5000 and the lottery output that you issue is 1234 then you are entitled to a jackpot because the number you eject out on the four lottery numbers that came out. Your win is 5000 x 1.5 = 12,250, - if you lose, just pay 4,750.

3. Install the Dragon

This game is almost the same as a free plug-in game, but only takes 3 numbers that will come out in the lottery market that you play later, for example you install 2 3 4 and lottery output 4213 then you win because all three numbers that you issued out well, if only two numbers then you lose. The win you get is for example if you install 5000 x 20 = 104,500.

In the game of entering a dragon if there is one double number then your bet will be multiplied even greater if you enter 234 that comes out 2344 then multiply 35 well.
install 5000 x 35 = 179,500.

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4. Install Sharp

Plug in just like a free contact stick that only chooses one number, but this right stitch must be absolutely accurate. Suppose you put the number 1 on the ax if you are in pairs then multiply x 7. Suppose you put 5000 x 7 = 39,700. If the number 1 is not the correct way out then you are considered still losing.

5. Install in Macau

In this Macau plug game it is almost similar to 2D games except that the two numbers you enter can be read out, for example you put 1 and 3 in the lottery 1643 then you use it because the number you issued was in the lottery market. The win you get if you win is you put in 5000 x 6 = 34,500.

If the lottery output has the same number as your partner, the pay is greater, you place 1 and 3 of the lottery output 1533, 5000 x 10 = 54,500 and if 1133 you get 5000 x 18 = 94,500.